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The Perfect Gift for the iPad Pro User

The Perfect Gift for the iPad Pro User

If you know an iPad Pro user, you know no one takes better care of their devices than they do. It's a constant battle to keep their screens clean and free from scratches — not to mention keeping the device free from dings and dents.

The best way to ensure your iPad Pro is safe from damage? A good quality case. The iPad Pro itself is a beautiful device, and you want to protect that beauty as much as possible — especially if you're using it for business. A good case will not only keep your iPad safe from damage but also help prevent other accessories like headphones and cables from getting tangled up in your bag or pocket!


The iPad Pro is the most powerful iPad on the market, and it's made for professionals -- but it's not very comfortable to use on a table.

The iPad Pro is the most powerful iPad on the market, and it's made for professionals. But its size can make it difficult to use on a table, especially when typing with two hands. It's not very comfortable to hold in one hand while typing with the other.

It’s important to consider how you want to use your iPad Pro before purchasing a case or stand. If you need a keyboard case that doubles as an easel, check out our selection of top-rated keyboards here!

It's too heavy to hold in one hand while typing with the other.

While the iPad Pro is light and thin, it's also fairly heavy. The 12.9" model weighs 1 pound and measures 7.5" by 9.8". It's too big to comfortably hold in one hand, especially if you're using a keyboard (which most people will, since they can't type on the touchscreen). You'll need to use both hands to hold it up, making this a difficult device to take with you everywhere you go.

It doesn't stand up on its own at a very comfortable angle.

The iPad Pro is too heavy to hold in one hand while typing with the other. And when you’re taking notes, having your hands full of an awkward and heavy keyboard makes it difficult to write quickly and accurately—it's easy for your arms and wrists to get tired after just a few minutes.

The solution? You can use an external keyboard case that attaches magnetically, like Apple's Smart Keyboard. But these are clunky and inconvenient: they add bulk and weight to the device; they don't stand up on their own at a very comfortable angle; they often have annoying Bluetooth pairing problems; some even have batteries that need charging periodically!

That's where the Clamcase Pro comes in. This stylish accessory is a premium keyboard case that attaches magnetically to your iPad Pro. It has many of the advantages of an external keyboard (like being able to type with both hands free) but none of the drawbacks.

Using a stand that has a keyboard attached is clunky and inconvenient.

The best way to experience the iPad Pro is with an external keyboard. But using a stand that has a keyboard attached to it can be clunky and inconvenient. The tablet holder cannot be adjusted, so you have to settle for whatever angle it’s set at. If your desk isn't flat, then the angle may be awkward or uncomfortable for typing or viewing on your screen. Also, if you want to type in bed or on your couch, finding an optimal height can also be difficult when everything is connected together as one unit (there's no way to adjust the height of just one piece).

The solution: A stand that separates the iPad holder from its keyboard attachment gives users more control over their workspace—and more flexibility than ever before! They can adjust their equipment to perfectly suit their needs and preferences at any time without feeling limited by what they have available at home or work!

The best solution is an adjustable stand that separates your keyboard from your tablet holder.

The best solution is an adjustable stand that separates your keyboard from your tablet holder. This allows you to use the iPad Pro in laptop mode or tablet mode without being forced to hold it like a clipboard.

An adjustable stand also has other advantages: it allows you to position the iPad Pro in either portrait or landscape mode, depending on how comfortable and productive you feel at any given moment. For example, if you're holding a meeting with someone else who's using an iPad and they'd prefer to have theirs in portrait orientation, then this can be accommodated on a shared stand (assuming both devices have compatible connectors).

If you're going to use an iPad Pro productively, you need a good stand.

If you want to use your iPad Pro productively, you’ll need a stand. The tablet can’t be used on your lap like a laptop; it needs a good stand that will let you adjust the angle, height and width of the display. But not just any stand will do: You also need one that lets you change the depth of how far away from yourself or from another person (if they’re sitting next to each other) that device sits.

Rackora tablet stand is a good example. It lets you adjust the angle of the screen, which is great for watching movies or presenting slideshows. But it also lets you adjust how far away from yourself the tablet sits: The lower settings are perfect for reading books and articles on websites like this one, while higher settings are better suited to watching videos or movies.


We've looked at a multitude of options for the iPad Pro user, but the most important thing to remember is that there are many ways to get what you want out of this device and its software. The key is finding the perfect balance between work and play so that you can feel comfortable using your iPad Pro in any situation.

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