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Should I put a case on my Apple Pencil?

Should I put a case on my Apple Pencil?

The Apple Pencil is one of the most innovative pieces of technology to come out in recent years. It's a stylus that works with your iPad and lets you draw, write, and navigate your tablet with ease. But it's not exactly rugged — in fact, it's pretty delicate. That's why we're here to help you decide whether or not you should get a case for your Apple Pencil:

The Apple Pencil comes with built-in protection.

The Apple Pencil comes with a cap that might not be what you want.

The Apple Pencil comes with a cap, and it's not the greatest of the lot. The cap is not very secure, which means it could easily get lost if you're not careful. It's also not very protective—it does nothing to prevent any damage from happening to your pencil when it's in use (or even when it's just sitting around). However, there is one thing that this cap does do: It protects your Apple Pencil from being damaged by dust and other elements while traveling or in storage.

Apple's case is terrible

Apple’s case is made of silicone, and while it’s nice to have a soft material to hold your pencil in, the fit isn’t snug enough. It's hard to get the Apple Pencil out of the case and back into it. And because there are no clips or snaps on it, you can easily drop your pencil if you're not careful.

The slipperiness of the case is another problem that makes it easy for your Apple Pencil to slip out with little effort or warning. You might think this could be solved by putting some sort of rubber around where you hold onto your pencil—but unfortunately no such thing exists at this time (though we're sure someone will come up with one soon).

Hybrid cases do everything but protect your Pencil.

Hybrid cases are the best choice for Apple Pencil users. They're a good compromise between a hard case and no case at all. Hybrid cases protect your pencil from scratches and dings, but not from drops.

A hybrid Apple Pencil case is essentially a silicone sleeve with an attached cap that covers the pencil’s tip when it's not in use. The sleeve can be removed by grabbing the bottom of it—the same way you'd remove a sleeve from an ordinary ballpoint pen—and then pushing up on the top until the cap pops off. This means you don't have to worry about fumbling around with lids or magnets while trying to draw something quickly; just grab your stylus, snap on its cap and go!

Make sure you can charge your Pencil while using a case.

Most Apple Pencil cases have a cutout on the opposite side of the Lightning connector to allow for charging, but some don’t. You need to make sure that your case has this cutout. If it doesn’t then you won’t be able to charge your Pencil while it is in the case!

Some cases have a battery inside them that can be used to charge your Apple Pencil, but these are rarer than standard cases with holes in them for charging purposes.

If you break your Apple Pencil, you won't be able to get a replacement through Apple.

If you break your Apple Pencil, don't worry: you won't be able to get a replacement through Apple. The company doesn't sell them, so if you want one, you'll have to buy it from a third-party seller like Amazon or Best Buy (or in person at an Apple Store). If your warranty has expired and this is the only Apple Pencil that was ever purchased for your device (iPad Pro or MacBook) then it may be cheaper to just buy a new one than pay repairs costs.

You should get a form-fitting case for your Apple Pencil to protect it better and prevent it from rolling away when not in use.

The Apple Pencil is a great accessory to your iPad. It can be used to navigate the screen, take notes, draw and many other things. But since it's so expensive you want to make sure that it's protected as much as possible. The Apple Pencil comes with built-in protection but there are many cases out there that do the same thing but also protect your device better and prevent it from rolling away when not in use.

You should get a form-fitting case for your Apple Pencil if:

  • You're clumsy like me and drop things often (I have dropped my pencil several times already)

  • You want something more durable than what comes with the pencil

  • You prefer having protection against dust/water instead of just scratches


If you’re looking for a case, we recommend getting one that fits snugly around your pencil and protects it from falls. There are plenty of options out there and they don’t all cost a lot either! Just make sure you keep an eye out for anything that will interfere with charging or use of the device itself.

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