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Rackora Tablet Holder for Digital Artists

Rackora Tablet Holder for Digital Artists


The Rackora Tablet Holder is a tablet holder that makes it easy to use your digital art tablet. It's made of durable aluminum alloy, and it can be assembled in less than five mimutes.

Is this for you?

Rackora is the one of tablet holder for digital artists that can hold an iPad in one place and allows you to adjust the angle at which your tablet is held. It's perfect for anyone who does digital art on their iPad, such as comic artists and painters, but also people who need a better way to hold their iPad while gaming or reading ebooks.

The Rackora Tablet Holder

The Rackora Tablet Holder is a tablet holder designed for digital artists. It's made from aluminum and steel, so it's lightweight and easy to assemble.

You can adjust the Rackora Tablet Holder for different tablets, which makes it convenient for a wide range of users.

The tablet holder also features an adjustable support arm that allows you to choose whatever angle you need at any given time: upright or tilted down slightly so that your hand doesn't get tired after hours of drawing or painting.

Rackora Tablet Holder for Digital Artists is a great gift for the artist in your life. This holder makes it easy to use digital drawing tablets without straining your hands or arms.

Design and build

The design of the Rackora is focused on providing a solid foundation for your tablet, as well as an ergonomic drawing experience. The adjustable arms not only allow you to properly position your tablet, but they also keep it from sliding and falling off the rack when you move around quickly (which we all do). The wide base provides stability so that even if you tilt it back or forth, there is no risk of knocking over your tablets.

The Rackora is made from a high-quality steel that is powder coated for added durability. This makes it ideal for artists who are constantly using their tablet, as well as those with children who might be a bit more rough on these things.

Assembling the Rackora tablet holder

The Rackora tablet holder is easy to assemble and will help you hold your tablet in the correct position.

Open the package, open the bracket and adjust the appropriate position. Well, you can use it. It's that simple.

Adjusting tilt and position of your tablet

  • Adjusting tilt and position of your tablet:

• Turn the knobs to adjust the tilt of your tablet.

• Turn the knobs to adjust the height of your tablet. You can lower it as much as 30° or raise it up to 10° above horizontal. This is great for when you're using a drawing tool that requires a large range of motion, such as a pen or marker tool with pressure sensitivity (like Adobe Illustrator). Or if you want to keep your screen propped up slightly higher when drawing on a desk in front of you, this feature will allow you to do so without having to lift it off every time you need access underneath!

Easy to use

Rackora is easy to use. It's easy to adjust and move, making it versatile for any digital artist. The stand can be used in multiple positions and modes that suit your needs, whether you want to work standing up or sitting down.

In Review

Rackora Tablet Holder for Digital Artists

The Rackora Tablet Holder for Digital Artists is a great product. It's easy to use, it's a great value, and it's a great solution for digital artists. If you're using the Apple iPad Pro, this is definitely the way to go!

You can improve your workflow in about an hour.

This is a simple, easy-to-use product that can be assembled in about 5 mimutes.

It takes less than 15 minutes to adjust, and the adjustments are easy to make with just one hand. You can quickly move between your preferred position, without any tools or assistance from anyone else.

You will spend less than 2 hours using this tablet holder every day—it could be as little as 30 minutes if you already have good habits for working on your computer in an ergonomic position. If you're new to working digitally and still getting used to digital art tools like Photoshop or GIMP, then it'll probably take more time for you to get comfortable with creating on a tablet instead of on paper or canvas paper pads.

The device disassembles easily into its threer main components: the base plate; arms; and panel. It's recommended that users clean their bag after use by wiping down any dirt or grime with a wet cloth so that everything stays nice and clean throughout its lifetime!


We hope this guide has been helpful in showing you how to set up a Rackora tablet holder. The Rackora is an affordable, portable solution for digital artists who want to improve their workflow and work more comfortably with their tablets. It’s easy to assemble and adjust, and it supports most brands on the market today.

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